The Hungarian Limes Association was officially founded on the 1st of April 2010.

Our organization intends to establish and maintain a unique cultural path, which includes the museums, exhibitions, archeological parks and memorial places of the ancient Roman times situated along the Pannonian Limes.

The Association also aims to contribute to the ongoing and future tasks of the Danube Limes World Heritage Project, and the protection of the archeological sites.

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned mission the Association:

1. provides relevant information on the sites, programs, and the concerning World Heritage tasks,
2. organizes regional professional groups,
3. proposes and declares its opinion in connection with the relating governmental activity,
4. acts on behalf of its member organizations and represents their special interests:
- contacts the inland and foreign organizations (e.g. municipalities, museums, archeological parks) and according to the mutual agreements organizes the common activities and direct relationships, 
- represents its members on international events,    
- establishes regular connection with the responsible governmental institutions, local and other authorities, professional organizations and their members, contributes to the formulation of regional activities, events, programs,
- participates in the formulation of the concerning legislative proposals and regulations, applications,
5. maintains the sites of the “Ancient Roman Limes in Hungary” cultural path
- locates the sites of the cultural path, and continuously investigates its possible extension,
- obtains the relevant information and informs its members on the changes of the technical and legislative background, and the available resources (applications, tenders, projects) of the sites’ maintenance,
- supports the foundation of new sites, exhibitions and programs, especially that ones, which are carried out by the local communities living in the vicinity of the ancient limes settlements,
- initiates the representatives of economy in the activities of the cultural path,
- takes part in the education concerning the ancient Roman limes and times,
- organizes and supports different programs and events,
- supports its members’ professional and PR activities, which includes the production of relevant publications, books,
- continuously obtains information on the archeological research of the Roman sites, provide information to the local inhabitants living in the vicinity of the sites on the World Heritage Project,
- supports the understandable introduction of the archeological achievements and findings,
- contributes to the protection of the sites and the Hungarian part of the Danube Limes World Heritage Project.

The Hungarian Limes Cultural Association is a nationwide non-profit organization, which welcomes every inland and foreign citizen, civil society organization, and business venture, that accepts its membership rules, and shares its goals.     












Hungarian Limes Association
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